My Crush Books from Close to My Heart

Welcome to the Close to My Heart Autumn/Winter 2013 Idea Book New Product Blog Hop! Thanks for hoping over from Pam’s Blog!

If finding time for scrapbooking is hard for you right now or you are looking for a fun way to journal ideas or keep lists, it’s time to Crush it with My Crush books from Close to My Heart! (They way more better than the Smash Book Line!)

It’s a way to swiftly capture your memories on the go! Our two new My Crush Books ($12.95) each include sixty 10″ x 7″ full-color, pre-designed pages in a wire-bound, hardcover book. Adhere memorabilia and photos to the pages, write from quick journaling on our My Crush Assortment Pack Cards ($4.95) and then close it up for next time.

Here’s an example of pages I created while on a beach vacation with my family in June:

My Crush books from Close to My Heart #ctmh #journal #scrapbook #diy #smash

Get a closer look at My Crush Book – watch my YouTube Video:

There’s a lot more to learn about the My Crush Collection so read on. OR hop on over to Joy’s Blog to see what she’s created from CTMH’s new Fall 2013 Catalog!

Here are a few more looks at the pages in my Modville Crush Book with the Best Day Ever and Besties Crush Assortment Packs:

My Crush books from Close to My Heart #ctmh #journal #scrapbook #diy #smash

My Crush books from Close to My Heart #ctmh #journal #scrapbook #diy #smash

If you want to go for a more feminine feel, check out the Bluebird My Crush Book with the Memories and Favorites Assortment Packs. This is the book that Cate, my 8 year old daughter worked on:

My Crush books from Close to My Heart #ctmh #journal #scrapbook #diy #smash

My Crush books from Close to My Heart #ctmh #journal #scrapbook #diy #smash

For Cate’s book, she chose to use the pages as a way to journal some of her favorite things and write about things that make her happy today. So I created a list of ‘creativity starters’ that she could use for her journal pages and adhered it to the inside cover:

My Crush books from Close to My Heart #ctmh #journal #scrapbook #diy #smash

My Crush books from Close to My Heart #ctmh #journal #scrapbook #diy #smash

Click here for Printable File

Thanks for coming by. Now hop on over to Joy’s Blog to see what she’s created from CTMH’s new Fall 2013 Catalog!


  1. Joy McHargue says:

    So much fun- I’m totally crushin’ on your Crush book.

  2. Love love love:)

  3. It was really fun to see your presentation on these at Convention. I can’t wait until mine get here!

  4. Love the crush books…mine are finally on the truck to me….they should be here by FRIDAY!

  5. Michelle Jones says:

    So cool, thanks for sharing so many great ways to use the Crush books!

  6. Thank you SO MUCH for doing this video, Melissa! I missed Convention again this year (wanted to spend as much time with my oldest Son before he went off to college) so I didn’t get to see the crush books up close. Mine are ordered and on their way and after viewing your video, I have TONS of ideas!

    Thanks again…you’re a GENIUS!

    • Totally don’t blame you…though we are missing you at Convention between the new baby and son’s leaving for school. Hope you can make it to CA!!! You will love playing with them.

  7. So cool to see someone doing one of the crush books (got mine on order and I can’t wait for it!) I’ll be revising your blog for inspiration

  8. I am a huge Smash booker and am so excited CTMH has these Crush books now. I loved your post with your use of the book as well as the kids. My kids Smash book too and I can’t wait to get them their own Crush books!

  9. I love your “Creativity Starters” for Cate’s book! Awesome!!!

  10. The Crush Books look like a lot of fun! And it’s great that you can work on them while still on vacation.

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